Francis and the Lights – Cruise Lyrics

[Verse 1] (And they may say it’s not for children) Of course it is (And they may say it’s not for you) It’s for you (In a short while we’ll be riding in cars that drive themselves) [Chorus] And we’ll all just cruise (Can we just cruise?) ([?]) And we’ll all just (cruise) [Verse 2] […]

Stefflon Don – Hot Prop Lyrics

[Intro] The Don [Verse 1] Metaphor heaven No iron, they weak like they’re seven They crushed and I’m hot, let me press them Fangs dripping venom My flow’s be like cars, they want rent them No budget, I don’t make exceptions Don’t ask me no questions Don’t mention my name in your sentence There’s levels, […]

21 Savage – Flexin’ [Snippet] Lyrics

[Verse 1] Jumped out the Porsche, got to it Choppa on me, bitch I shoot like I’m Cupid Model bitch, and she gon’ blow me like hookah All these diamonds, bitch I look like a jeweler Rollie froze, bitch it came out the cooler Tech 9, bitch it came with a cooler I got shooters […]

6ix9ine – KeKe (Revised) Lyrics

[Intro:6ix9ine] Scum Gang [Hook: 6ix9ine] I’ll be on the block on the regular With my niggas bustin’ at the cops, on the regular Bitches suckin’ dick, givin’ top, on the regular Catch me water whippin’, straight drop, on the regular Yeah you know, I’ll run off with the shit, on the regular Bare faced, I’ma […]

H.E.R. – My Song Lyrics

[Intro] Uhhh, yeah Mmm, mm, mm [Verse 1] I wanna run away with you Just take me to places I’ve never known When no one else seems to be getting through Only you can tell wants going on [Pre-Chorus] When I hear you name Put a smile up on my face It don’t matter the […]

Clipse – Zen Lyrics

[Hook: Pusha T] Is it them blings that make em watch us? The awkward lean and them cars that’s topless I got them things, I cut and chop it I sell that ostrich, I’m so obnoxious, getting money say [Verse 1: Pusha T] Hands got the bubble touch, bike with the double clutch Two diamond […]

Francis and the Lights – Tear It Up Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’ve been in a building sitting in a chair for an hour now I’m out of it Think I’ll get a drink [?] play a beat I like And dance uncontrollably [Chorus] I’m tearing it up Let me see what I’m doing Not caring at all I’m out of it I’m tearing it […]

Francis and the Lights – Just for Us Lyrics

[Intro] My, my, my [Verse 1] Someone wanna take you home Don’t let ’em Even when you’re on your own Everyone’s watching They don’t run your life They don’t understand what’s good for you I know you’re not scared That everyone’s watching [Chorus] It was just for us It was just for us [Verse 2] […]

Vybz Kartel – Yabba Dabba Doo Lyrics

[Intro] Hold on… Hey gyal, a so the bleach make face look old?… And you a just 35 years old? Weh the young gyal dem deh, weh bleaching fit you? Make your bumpa roll [Hook] Everything you do a gyal a follow-follow you She inna Jimmy Lie, that a couldn’t Jimmy Choo When you see […]

Lil Wayne – Family Feud Lyrics

[Intro: Drake] Yeah Dedication 6, of course Shoutout Guru for sending me the beat, too Young Angel, Young Lion More Life, no dying Yeah Alright I got it Yeah [Verse 1: Drake] Super Bowl goals I’m at the crib with Puff, he got Kaepernick on the phone He in a whole different mode Angel hair […]

Afrojack – Be With You Lyrics

[Verse 1] It’s like you moving in slow motion That’s how I see you in my mind I’ll give my lifetime of devotion A love like yours is hard to find [Chorus] And I would drive out through the night Just to be with you, just to be with you And I would fight a […]

Neil Young – Cinnamon Girl Lyrics

[Verse 1] I want to live With a cinnamon girl I could be happy The rest of my life With a cinnamon girl [Chorus] A dreamer of pictures I run in the night You see us together Chasing the moonlight My cinnamon girl [Verse 2] Ten silver saxes A bass with a bow The drummer […]

JAY-Z and Beyonce Drop Star-Studded Cinematic “Family Feud” Video

JAY-Z and Beyonce delivered a star-studded cinematic video for “Family Feud.” The short film-themed cut is what everyone on social media is talking about this weekend after the couple premiered it on TIDAL on Friday night. The stunning visual features some big name stars including Omari Hardwick, Jessica Chastain, Thandie Newton, America Ferrera, Michael B. […]

Nicki Minaj Cried When Visit Brother In Jail Before Christmas

Nicki Minaj paid her brother a visit in jail before Christmas and cried uncontrollably. The Young Money rapper’s older brother Jelani Maraj was convicted of sexually assaulting a minor on November 9th and is currently behind bars awaiting sentencing. He is facing decades in prison for the damning crime. Sources close to the Trini rapper […]

Tamar Braxton Exposed Vincent Herbert After Arrest On Christmas

Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert divorce is turning into one messy reality TV show. The R&B singer took to social media last night where she blasts her soon to be ex-husband Vincent Herbert for allegedly getting another woman pregnant and also assaulting her. The music executive was arrested on Christmas Day for spousal assault and […]

Sizzla Send His Goons After LA Lewis Who Ran To Police Station

Sizzla has sent his goons after LA Lewis prompting the deejay to file a police report. Tensions are currently high between Sizzla and LA since the reggae icon’s performance at GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza on Monday at the Luana Sports Complex in St Elizabeth. Sizzla, who closed the show, used part of his set to […]

Big Shaq – Man’s Not Hot (MC Mix) Lyrics

[Intro: Big Shaq] Yo Big Shaq (the one and only) I told them check the statistacs Man’s not hot Skrrat, skidi-kat-kat Boom [Verse 1: Big Shaq] Two plus two is four Minus one that’s three, quick maths Everyday man’s on the block Smoke trees See your girl in the park That girl is a uckers […]

Lil Peep – Sus boy Lyrics

Hook Call it rap call it pop boy Call it what you want boy, we call you a opp boy Gotta big gun? who you shot boy Call it rap call it pop boy Call it what you want boy, we call you a opp boy Imma real life gothboi {verse 1} Why the fuck […]

Lil Skies – Big Money Lyrics

[Intro] Aye Aye, aye, aye [Chorus] Big money on me nigga I’ma run it up ‘Cause I remember I was broke and I ain’t have enough Now I’m fly, she like to back it up No surprise, now she fuck with us Big money on me nigga I’ma run it up ‘Cause I remember I […]

Ski Mask The Slump God – WTF!? Lyrics

[Intro] Yuh, we just started from the top, yuh Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh Hey, do you like curse words? There is a lot in the verse Ayy Tony Ayy! Uh [Chorus] Don’t get fucked up, I’m fucked up, what the fuck? Don’t get fucked up, I’m fucked up, what the fuck? Don’t get fucked up, […]

Bounty Killer Urged Government To Pay Police Higher Wage

Bounty Killer is urging the Jamaican government to pay police officers a higher wage. Killer has cemented his place in dancehall as one of the greatest of all time and when you go to one of his shows you can expect a full set of classics plus some heart to heart moments like his recent […]

Popcaan Breathe New Life Into Sound Di Alarm

Popcaan has injected some new life into the annual festival Sound Di Alarm. The show has been always geared towards roots reggae fans, but singer Iba Mahr says the Unruly deejay’s addition to the lineup this year has lifted the show to new heights. The event, held at Dinthill Sports Complex in Linstead, St Catherine, […]

Tommy Lee Sparta Dropping New Album Says Sean Kingston

Tommy Lee Sparta is currently working on his new album, Sean Kingston confirms. The Mobay deejay signed a record deal with Kingston’s Time is Money Entertainment label this year and now he is getting ready to drop the first project on that deal. According to Kingston, Tommy Lee already recorded around half a dozen songs […]

Kim Kardashian Explains Why 25 Family Pics From Instagram Disappeared

Kim Kardashian coughs up an explanation into why her 25 family photos disappear from her Instagram. The reality TV mogul uploaded 25 family portraits to her Instagram account every day in December leading up to Christmas Day. Her fans criticized her harshly because of Kylie Jenner, who is rumored to be pregnant, was not in […]

Bruno Mars Sued Over “Uptown Funk” Rap Group Claims Rip Off

Bruno Mars has a new lawsuit on his hands over “Uptown Funk.” The pop singer and Mark Ronson scored a massive hit with their collaborative single “Uptown Funk.” The single was released in 2014 and went on to become one of the biggest song on the planet that year and is still in heavy rotation […]

Vybz Kartel Told Sean Kingston Some Good News About 2018

Sean Kingston paid Vybz Kartel a visit in prison recently and came back with a message from the Worl’Boss. The reggae pop singer recently concluded his tour overseas and returned to Jamaica just in time for Christmas to spend the holidays in his homeland with his family. One of the first thing he did when […]